Nederlandse Rope Skipping Organisatie

Europees Kampioenschap 2015 - Duitsland


Idar-Oberstein, Germany


European Youth Tournament (12-14) Individual and Team
European Open Tournament (15+) Team
European Championships (15+) Individual and Team

Basic Schedule:

Arrival: Thursday July 30th
Competitions: Friday July 31st - Sunday August 2nd
Friday: Open and Youth Team Tournaments
Saturday: Team Championships
Sunday: Individual Youth Tournament and European Masters
Camp: Monday August 3rd - Tuesday August 4th
Departure: Wednesday August 5th

Package Prices per person:

Competitions, ceremonies and camp, 6 nights (July 30th afternoon - August 5th morning):
Package A: 6 nights hotel accommodation: 420 Euros*
Package B: 6 nights school classroom "floor sleeping" accommodation: 290 Euros*
Package C: 6 days (without sleeping accommodation): 220 Euros*

Only competitions and ceremonies, 4 nights (July 30th afternoon - August 3rd):
Package D: 4 nights hotel accommodation: 330 Euros*
Package E: 4 nights school classroom "floor sleeping" accommodation 245 Euros*
Package F: 4 days (without sleeping accommodation): 200 Euros*

* Transport on arrival and departure days NOT included.
Airport transfer: (only between Frankfurt-Hahn and accommodation) 10 Euros extra per person
Train station tansfer: (only between Idar-Oberstein Station and accommodation) 5 Euros extra per person


Begin april is er een kwalificatie moment in de Kroon, hiervoor zal een extern jurylid geregeld worden. Het tweede moment is tijdens de B-masters in Belgiƫ.

Uitslagen eerste EK kwalificatie